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TelloTalk Messenger ||پاکستان کا اپنا میسنجر

TelloTalk is a Pakistani messenger through which you can not only communicate with your friends. You can also earn an easy load for your mobile from the TelloTalk app. The more you join your friends on TelloTalk, the more recharge will be sent to your number. Through this application. This is a Pakistani application that allows you to use your free chat messenger which includes free voice calls, video calls, live and on-demand TV channels, live Pakistani radio, stories, status maker, hidden chat, stickers, and business, Be done. They also in their own language.TelloTalk is similar to Facebook Messenger. But the special thing is that if you are chatting with friends on this messenger and you are getting bored then you can play games with friends.

TelloTalk Messenger

How To Make Money With TelloTalk Application

If you use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. So there will be no difficulty in using this messenger. It is very easy to use. First I have given the download button below, you can download TelloTalk Messenger by clicking on it, then you can create your account in it like you create a WhatsApp account. After creating an account, you have to post something on it like you do post on Facebook. Then you have to go to the profile in it. After going to the profile you will see the Invite button. All you have to do is click on it and share the link with your friends on WhatsApp. As many friends as possible will join your link on WhatsApp.So much more you will get money. Then you can easily transfer this money to your number from the TelloTalk application.


How To Download The TelloTalk Application

This application is available for Android and Apple. For Android, you can download the Play Store. And iOS you can download it from Apple Store. I have given the link below. You can download it by clicking on this link to the Play Store.

Proof Of TelloTalk Application

I have added a picture below. You can see in this picture. How much I have earned from TelloTalk in the beginning and how much I will earn in the future. You can see in this picture with proof.

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