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 What is EZ File Explorer?

EZ File Explore is a mobile application through which you can save your mobile Folder, File, Document, Picture, and many other things inside the file manager app. Inside you can create different files and save different documents in different files. Every mobile has a file explorer but it doesn't have so many features that I am giving you the link below. You can go to it and download this file manager so you can see a lot of features inside File Explorer

EZ File Explorer

Download Ez File Explore

If you download a file manager from the play store, you will come across many file managers and you do not know which file manager is best for your mobile, then I will give you the link below. Download This is the best file manager and its downloading is also the highest you can see the downloading rating on the play store.

Add Google Drive To Ez File Explore

Google Drive is a different thing and Ez File Explore is a different thing. If you save anything on the file manager, it will be saved inside your mobile, and if you save something on Google Drive,  If you have an internet connection you can use Google Drive. If you do not have internet you cannot use Google Drive at all and if you do not have an internet connection you can use file manager.

File Explorer Dark Mode

Let me first tell you what is Dark Mode. Dark Mode is a mobile feature that will not affect your eyes if you use your mobile at night. If you download the file manager from our link, it also has these features. And you can also view your file, folder, documents, pictures, etc. at night in dark mode inside this file manager. One thing to note is that this feature exists but you have to turn this feature on so it will work. If you do not turn this feature on it will not work.

EZ File Explore Feature

  1. First of all, you also get the option to lock inside it.
  2. You can hide your folder inside it just like you hide your folder inside a computer.
  3. Inside you get dark mode then you can see your folder even at night.
  4. And inside EZ file explorer you can create different folders with your stuff.
  5. If you accidentally delete a folder, you can recover it within 24 hours.
  6. It also allows you to share any file or document with your friends.

Here are some of the features that are the best in EZ file explorer. There are many more features in this EZ file explorer. You will download and use it. You will understand its features.

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