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What is Ali Express?

Ali Express is a shopping website in Pakistan through which you can also shop online. Ali Express was launched in 2010. You may have heard of the Chinese company Alibaba. Alibaba is China's largest online shopping website. And Ali Express Pakistan is also owned by Alibaba Company. And on Ali Express you get everything you need for your life that you can order online. Ali Express runs all over the country.


How To Shop From AliExpress  Pakistan?

If you live in Pakistan and you do not know how to shop on Ali Express, we will tell you how you can shop at Ali Express Pakistan. If you have a debit card, credit card, you can do Ali Express shopping online. If you do not have these cards, go to your bank And you have to tell the bankers that I have to make my card and they will make your bank card. One thing to remember is that you have to go to the bank where your account is. Then you can shop online from any website with this card. You can shop from any website like Ali Express, Alibaba, Daraz.

Ali Express Free Shopping

One thing to keep in mind is that you can't buy anything for free from any online shopping website. Ali Express has come up with an offer in which you get some bonus by inviting some of your friends over to Ali Express. With the bonus of Ali Express, you can do any shopping from the Ali Express website. For more information, I have posted a screenshot of Ali Express's Twitter account. You can see more information about it and I have also given the link. If you want to join and do free shopping, you can join with this link.

Ali Express App

Let me tell you that you will find Ali Express online website as well as on the Play Store. Ali Express is the official app of the website which you can download on your mobile. You will find this app for both Android and Apple. For Android, you can download it from Play Store and my given link also.

How Can You Make Money With Ali Express?

The only way to make money with Ali Express is to join the Ali Express affiliate program and create your own account. After creating an account, you have to sell Ali Express products on social media. And you sell the product, you get the product commission.

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